Fishing Latham Island

Fishing Latham Island – Prime Fishing Destination!

Fishing Latham Island off the coast of Tanzania has to be one of the ultimate fishing experiences on offer to any angler! Join us onboard our fully rigged big game fishing live aboard yachts for your deep sea fishing adventure of a life time!

Location of Latham Island

About Latham Island

Latham island has several local names in addition to Fungu Kizimkazi, the most Notable of which are Fungu la Mbarak. After the Arab who had the right to collect wreckage there in the reign of seyid Barghash who was the (Sultan of Zanzibar). The island was featured on an early sixteenth century Portuguese map. It derives its present name from the East Indian man Latham who rediscovered it in 1758.

Nautical Chart Detail of Latham Island












Latham Island is a flat coral island located 60 km southeast of Unguja and 66 km east of Dar es Salaam. Specifically it is roughly 300 meters long and 300 meters wide, and has an area of 0.03 square kilometers. Furthermore the island is surrounded by a fringing reef and is oceanic. Oceanic as it lies off the continental shelf and is surrounded by deep water.


Sea Bird Colony on Latham Island

In Particular, the island is an important breeding ground for various sea bird species. For instance the masked booby, greater crested tern, sooty tern and the brown noddy. Another key point is that the Island is also thought to be of importance for nesting turtles.

A Masked Booby diving off Latham Island


Fishing Latham Island

Fishing Latham Island for Giant Trevally from a live aboard yacht charter.

Latham Island Giant Trevally

Of all the fishing destinations here in East Africa, Latham Island holds dear to many anglers. Markedly for one incredible species of fish, The Giant Dogtooth Tuna! Incredibly this island has produced some World Record size Dogtooth Tuna over the past few years. It is no wonder that anglers around the world dream of getting the opportunity to fish this fantastic oceanic island!

Fishing Latham Island for giant Dogtooth Tuna from a live aboard charter yacht.

Giant Dogtooth Tuna

Furthermore the Island and surrounds also produces some good Swordfish. Known in Latin as “The Gladiator of the Sea”, the Swordfish will test your skills as an angler and will put up a tremendous fight. We target Swordfish by trolling rigged “natural deadbeats” with light sticks or by drifting.

Broadbill Swordfish!

Best Seasons

We fish Latham during the calmer months of October through to mid December. Than again from late February through to end of April.

Fish Species

Species of fish you can expect to catch at Latham include:

Marlin (Black/Blue/Striped)
Shortbill Spearfish
Yellowfin Tuna
Giant Trevally

A beautiful bull Dorado!

Almaco Jack on vertical jig!


Furthermore, lesser Game Fish Species you can expect to catch at Latham include:

Kawa Kawa
Rainbow Runner
Big Eye Trevally

Big Eye Trevally

Bluefin Trevally

Lastly Latham Island also has a good population of Shark species. These include:

Tiger Shark
Scalloped Hammerhead Shark
Mako Shark
Oceanic White Tip
White Tip Reef Shark
Black Tip Reef Shark
Silver Tip Shark

Rigging Shark baits from a Live Aboard Catamaran!

Success! A beautiful Tiger Shark!