Fishing Mafia Island

Fishing Mafia Island from one of our luxury live aboard yacht charters is another dream fishing experience for anglers the world over. Without a doubt, the beauty of this tropical island archipelago is stunning! Boasting pristine reefs teaming with fish and life. If you are looking to tangle with monster GT’s on poppers, or target Dogtooth Tuna on vertical jigs, along with Latham Island this is your dream East African fishing destination!

Dar Es Salaam to Mafia Island
Mafia Island

About Mafia Island

Mafia Island is quieter and less visited than neighbouring Zanzibar, but is also a “Spice Island”! Lying on these historic trade routes, Mafia is the largest of a small archipelago of unspoilt islands and atolls off the coast of Tanzania. It lies south of Dar es Salaam. Like its better known neighbour Zanzibar, Mafia is a Spice island. Similarly it offered a safe harbour for the ships and dhows plying the historic trade routes from the Gulf. Furthermore there are atmospheric ruins from early trading settlements which date back to the 12th century.

Your “Home away from Home”!

Of course, Mafia is far quieter and more peaceful than Zanzibar, with only a few small beach hotels and lodges. It caters to people who value coral reefs, lagoons and beaches more than large beach resorts with lots of facilities.

Big Game Fishing Mafia Island

Popping for Giant Trevally
Huge Wahoo!

Because of the Marine Park in and around the Chole Bay area, we fish mostly the north and north east areas as well as the south east areas of Mafia Island. The fishing in these areas and down to Okuza Island, is widely regarded as some of the best fishing opportunities in East Africa! The virtually unfished expanses of water off shore in this deep sea crescent of Mafia offer all the Pelagic Species with best times from September through to March.

Please note: Marine Park Fees apply to the Mafia Island Marine Park.


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Fishing Mafia Island